The Teazled Story

Dina & Dom

So everyone always asks about the “TEAZLED Story” and I’ve often been told that I’m not giving the FULL story.

In truth, I probably haven’t. Ok, I know I haven’t.

Not for any reason other than feeling like each person has THEIR own story to tell and because I’ve always wanted Teazled to represent EVERYONE; not just me or just Dom and not just our children, families & friends. 

In hindsight, which is always 2020 (funny huh?), the TEAZLED Story has ALWAYS been about EVERYONE.

It’s ALWAYS been about the need to communicate, to TELL THEM…..

The piece that’s unique about telling the TEAZLED Story is our “why”….WHY TEAZLED? 

The “why” is simple. Because when we were raising our 4 children and busy “coming out” to our families and friends at our respective stages in life, there wasn’t a means to explain to my Dad why, in my mid-adult years,  I was coming out as a lesbian.

Or why, in my wife’s early adult years, she had a chasm she couldn’t bridge with her parents as she came out as a lesbian.

Or how my Dad was going to TELL me he loved me no matter what.

Or how my mother-in-law was going to TELL my wife that, although she was struggling, she loved her enough to continue to work through things…she just didn’t know how or when, but she wanted to continue to communicate.

Or how, when we brought our family together, our oldest daughter, who was in her senior year of high school, couldn’t find an appropriate card to TELL us she loved us on Mothers’ Day.

That was back between  2004 – 2009. 

In the spring of 2009, I faced what no woman wants to face. With courage, conviction and the support of my wife & our children, I had a bilateral mastectomy.

By 2010, I was beginning to feel more like myself. Except I wasn’t. I had changed. I had realized that life is short, sometimes shorter than we would hope. And I decided that the time I was given needed to be spent wisely, making a positive impact in the lives of others.

With that, the TEAZLED seed was planted and eventually blossomed in August of 2011. 

As two nurses with no experience in designing, producing and manufacturing greeting cards, we learned quickly becoming certified in 2012 as an LGBT Business Enterprise and by 2013, Teazled Greeting Cards had grown to be available in more 25 grocery stores! In April 2015, we opened our own brick and mortar location in Downtown Las Vegas. The years that followed included a cross country move and the release of my book, Identity Impact: When Society’s Expectations Collide with the Authentic Self .   

Fast forward, I can tell you that, for us, relationships have healed, communication has improved and life has continued to evolve.

For Teazled, in addition to inclusive greeting cards, unique gifts are now available. 

The other thing I can TELL you is that there STILL aren’t readily available cards for diverse families and certainly not where children, teens and families can easily access them when needed. 

And TEAZLED is still here to fill that need, to help you TELL them…..

Let us help you TELL Them…

Dina & Dom